Unbeatable knowledge forged by years of hands-on experience.

In our line of work, relationships are the most important currency. By prioritizing our relationship with you we can keep a finger on the pulse of your real-world needs and develop unique solutions that meet every single one of them.

Our Values

How we conduct ourselves is rooted in the values guiding our thinking, behaviors, and intentions.



Putting our heads together is the key to maximizing our client’s success and solving what most deem as unsolvable problems. Emphasizing collaboration to solve legal problems brings diverse perspectives to the table and allows the best ideas to win. Plus, it’s pretty fun to figure out a complex tax issue and follow it up with a high-five. 


When you mix sharp legal insights with creative thinking you get innovative solutions. Which is a cocktail Stein Law serves on the rocks. Through our dedication to innovation, we’re able to ensure our client’s legal strategies are unique and solve the problems that are specific to their needs.


When it comes to your professional affairs, we like to get up close and personal with your business, tax, and estate needs. When we work like we have a stake in your affairs, we can make calculated strategic decisions about how to manage, protect, and grow your net worth as if it is our own. 


Our skin is thick, our feet are firm, and our legal knowledge is unbeatable. No matter how intricate the issue, paperwork, or event, we do not waver when it comes to meeting our client’s needs. 

We prioritize your needs and our relationship with you.


Do such a good job for our clients that we’re invited to the next family get-together. Now, we may not actually get a dinner invite, but we do frequently turn one-off engagements into lifetime clients.

Our work is serious.
Our tone is laid-back.
Our partnership lasts a lifetime.
Our results are tailored to your needs.


Brilliant, meticulous and well informed:

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